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Weekly Lake Levels for Leesville Lake

The AEP website has a page that lists the water levels measured at four locations of the Smith Mountain Project. From the highest elevation to the lowest, they are the water level of Smith Mountain Lake behind the dam, the water level of Leesville Lake below Smith Mt. Dam (Smith Tail), the water level of Leesville Lake behind Leesville Dam, and the water level of the Staunton River below Leesville Dam (Lees Tail). The AEP page is updated every fifteen minutes. Water level data has been taken 4 times an hour from the AEP page. Below on this page there is a list of links to pages, each with a week of data. There are also graphs of the data from each location.

There are two example graphs on this page. The lowest water level for Leesvile Lake is 600 and the highest is 613 as shown on the left side of the graphs. At the bottom are the hours of the day, 0 for midnight to 23 for the 11 pm hour. There should be 4 bars each hour, 1 every fifteen minutes.

Begining at 12 midnight notice the Smith Mt. tail levels are lower than the Leesvile Dam levels thru 9 or 10 am. That indicates water is being pumped from Leesvile Lake back to Smith Mt. Lake. At the 14th hour water has started flowing from Smith Mt Lake to Leesvile Lake because the Smith tail level is much higher than level at Leesville Dam. As a result there is a rise in level of Leesville Lake until the flow stops at 18 hours. Notice the remaining hours of the day where both levels go up then down then repeat like a wave. Well that is just what that is. It is a wave, that travels back and forth the 17 miles from dam to dam, that was created by the water being released from the upper lake to the lower lake.

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